We take you on a tour behind the scenes of our little adventure.

[su_youtube url=”http://youtu.be/CseXcAEPLnc”]

The film was shot in two days, day one being shot on a real castle, the “Ehrenburg” in southern Germany, and day two in my friend Achim’s basement. Because we had a very limited time to shoot a lot of setups, we didn’t use a boom mic on day one, and I went with the RODE Videomic Pro for reference audio, so we could redo all of the actors’ lines in post.

Day two was a lot easier, the only challenge was to make five people sitting around a table look cinematic. And—managing those five people.

In post, we had a lot of work to do the sound, and we used the RODE NT1-A for everything from ADR to foley.

The visuals were done in Adobe Premiere and After Effects (with a couple of Red Giant and Video Copilot plugins).

The music was done by my friend Philipp Stephan, who is a genius. But please don’t tell him.

A big THANK YOU to all the incredible lovely people who put their blood (yep!), sweat, and laughter into this dream project.


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